Our history

Founded in 1867 in Geneva, J. Veron Grauer & Cie, was a shipping company by sea, air and land. It also provided removals, furniture storage and warehousing services, as well as a travel agency and emigration management services.

A little wink in our history…

“In 1939, in the midst of the Spanish Civil War, the Spanish Republican government sheltered the treasures of its museums in Geneva, including 115 Goyas, 43 Grecos, 45 Velasquezes, 36 Titians and 25 Rubens. In all, there were 400 paintings, 128 boxes of the world’s most famous tapestries, sculptures and gold crockery.
J. Véron Grauer Cie SA ensured the removal and packing of the works of art that had been stored at the headquarters of the United Nations Society in Geneva.
These boxes were then unloaded onto S.N.C.F. wagons at Cornavin station for the return journey to Spain. One of the managers of J. Véron Grauer Cie SA, accompanied the convoy to the Spanish border to ensure that it was properly transported in a particularly difficult period. »

The Museum of Arts and History, in partnership with Véron Grauer SA, organized an exhibition in May 2011 called “Arte Salvado” to trace this period of history. In 1996, a small independent group led by Rolf Haener, director and Dominique Chanel, administrator, bought the removal and storage business of Veron-Grauer NV from DANZAS and founded DGM Veron-Grauer NV. The transport part of Veron Grauer NV is retained by DANZAS.
When the customs barriers were removed in the EU in 1993, DANZAS experienced a sharp decline in gross sales and profits. In order to overcome the structural problems that arose in the 1990s (strong European orientation), Danzas refocused on logistics and was able to increase its profit, before being taken over by Deutsche Post in 1999.

VERON GRAUER SA is the specialised valuables transport branch of the Deutsche Post DHL group and offers its customers, manufacturers, watch groups and independent holographers, all its know-how in this very special niche sector.

For more than 150 years, Veron Grauer SA has been able to adapt, reinvent itself and bounce back to constantly meet the expectations of its customers with professionalism.

Thanks to its age and expertise, Veron Grauer SA is today a key player in the field of transport and logistics of valuables, particularly for the jewellery and watchmaking industry.

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